biogeographical realm

biogeographical realm
зоогеографическая область (характеризуется своеобразной флорой и фауной; к таким областям относятся Австралия и Новая Зеландия)

Australia and New Zealand. English-Russian dictionary of regional studies. 2014.

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  • biogeographical realm — /baɪoʊdʒiəˌgræfɪkəl ˈrɛlm/ (say buyohjeeuh.grafikuhl relm) noun a region of the world characterised by distinctive flora and fauna. The realms are: Holarctic, Ethiopian, Madagascan, Oriental, Neotropical, Australian, New Zealand, Polynesian …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Australian realm — /əstreɪljən ˈrɛlm/ (say uhstraylyuhn relm) noun a biogeographical realm comprising mainland Australia, Tasmania, and the islands south east of Wallace s Line, including the islands of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, but excluding the New… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Ethiopian realm — /iθiˌoʊpiən ˈrɛlm/ (say eethee.ohpeeuhn relm) noun a biogeographical realm comprising Africa and Arabia south of the Tropic of Cancer. Endemic mammals include the chimpanzee and gorilla; two notable fish are the primitive bichir and the African… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Holarctic realm — /hɒˌlaktɪk ˈrɛlm/ (say ho.lahktik relm) noun a biogeographical realm comprising the Palaearctic and the Nearctic regions …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Madagascan realm — /mædəˌgæskən ˈrɛlm/ (say maduh.gaskuhn relm) noun a biogeographical realm comprising the islands of Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion, Rodriguez and the Seychelles, the mammal and bird assemblies of which differ significantly from those of… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Neotropical realm — /nioʊˌtrɒpɪkəl ˈrɛlm/ (say neeoh.tropikuhl relm) noun the biogeographical realm extending from Mexico through the whole of South America and including islands such as the West Indies, Galapagos, Tierra del Fuego and the Falkland Islands. Also,… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • New Zealand realm — noun a biogeographical realm centred on the New Zealand islands but including Norfolk, Lord Howe and Kermadec Islands to the north, the Chatham Islands to the east and Macquarie Island to the south, and characterised by the lack of endemic… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Oriental realm — /ɔriˌɛntl ˈrɛlm/ (say awree.entl relm), /ɒri / (say oree ) noun a biogeographical realm comprising southern Asia and the Malay Archipelago as far as and including the Philippines, Borneo and Java …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Polynesian realm — /pɒləniʒən ˈrɛlm/ (say poluhneezhuhn relm) noun a biogeographical realm including New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Fiji, Samoa and most of the tropical islands of the central Pacific, all of which are of volcanic origin and lack endemic mammals …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Global 200 — The Global 200 is the list of ecoregions identified by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as priorities for conservation. According to the WWF, an ecoregion is defined as a relatively large unit of land or water containing a characteristic set of… …   Wikipedia

  • Biogeography — is the study of the distribution of biodiversity over space and time. It aims to reveal where organisms live, at what abundance. [Martiny JBH et al [ Microbial biogeography: putting microorganisms …   Wikipedia

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